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2012 Display


This is the 11th year  of NewtonLights. Craig has once again expanded the display with several new items that we are really excited to share with everyone!


New Items

The following items were made by us for the display this year:

Piano and piano playing soldier.

3-D light tree.

3-D present.

The following items were added to the display this year:

RGB flood lights.

Many older faded light sets were replaced.

All of the lights on Icey have been replaced.



The music selection this year consists of some of the past crowd favorites along with the addition of one new song, "Nutrocker".

Title Artist

Reflections of Earth

Gavin Greenaway
Boughs of Holly (Snowball sequence) Trans-Siberian Orchestra (edited for length)
Carol of the Bells David Foster
Boughs of Holly (Snowball sequence) Trans-Siberian Orchestra (edited for length)
Run Rudolph Run Sister Hazel
Santa Clause is Coming To Town Gary Hoey (mixed with other sound effects)
Nutrocker* Trans-Siberian Orchestra
This Christmas Day Trans-Siberian Orchestra (edited for length)
Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 Trans-Siberian Orchestra

* brand new song







Copyright 2012 by Craig Newton. All rights reserved.