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2006 Display



The display has grown again with over 30% more lights than last year, including several new homemade items. This year was essentially an all year project. I spent a lot of my free time all throughout the year designing, building, and programming the lights. The new display items added this year are some of the best I've built to date. 



New Items

The following items were made by us for the display this year:

Rail Car for Train

More Light Balls

Icey, the 10 foot animated polar bear

A life-size, animated Santa Clause

3 Dancing Toy Soldiers

6 three-dimensional  presents

The following items were bought and added to the display this year:

Brand New Sound System

Several more 3-dimensional deer

Blue lights on fence

More lights in all trees (also replaced many faded sets)

Added lights to more bushes and trees (previously unlit)

Circle Yard Grid

More Strobe Lights



Based on last year's survey, I have brought back two of the top three songs from last year, "Sleigh Ride" and "Feliz Navidad". I have also had many requests to bring back "A Fifth of Beethoven" and "Trepak: Russian Dance" from The Nutcracker from a couple of years ago. I reworked the Beethoven song from scratch to improve the timings and to work in the previous two year's additions. There are also three brand new songs in the mix, resulting in an approximate 18 minute show length.

Title Artist

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree*

Gary Hoey (edited for length)
Trepak: Russian Dance (Nutcracker) Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
A Fifth of Beethoven Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band
Santa Clause is Coming To Town* Gary Hoey (mixed with other sound effects)
Feliz Navidad Jose Feliciano
Sleigh Ride Jeff Scheetz (edited for length)
This Christmas Day* Trans-Siberian Orchestra (edited for length)

* brand new song




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Video Clips


Santa Clause after his arrival (394 KB).


Santa Clause getting ready to depart (424 KB).


Icey, the 10 foot tall animated polar bear, during the show introduction (535 KB).


Dancing Toy Soldiers in "This Christmas Day" (634 KB).


Circle Yard Grid (944 KB)


Drummers and Guitar Man during "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" (1.08 MB).


2006 Train (333 KB)


"This Christmas Day" (10.7 MB).






Copyright 2006 by Craig Newton. All rights reserved.