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2009 Display


This year, Newtonlights has grown to over 100,000 lights. Regular viewers will also notice many other changes in the display. My parents are doing a remodel on the house and many lights and display items have had to move to different locations. New lights have also been added in various places. One of the main changes that will be evident is the lack of the light grids on the roof. My parents had to put a new roof on the house this year and did not want anyone walking on the new shingles. All of the items that were on the roof in previous years have moved down into the lawn area.


New Items

The following items were made by us for the display this year:

Vertical fan

The following additional items were added to the display this year:

Lights on new addition of house

More lights in some of the trees

Red Rectangle Grid

Blue Rectangle Grid

Green Rectangle Grids

Clear Rectangle Grids



The past year has been extremely busy for me and I did not have the time to sequence a new song. For this year I have brought back some of the most requested and some of my favorite songs from past years.  

Title Artist

Reflections of Earth

Gavin Greenaway
First Snow Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Boughs of Holly (Snowball sequence) Trans-Siberian Orchestra (edited for length)
Sleigh Ride Jeff Scheetz (edited for length)
Boughs of Holly (Snowball sequence) Trans-Siberian Orchestra (edited for length)
Santa Clause is Coming To Town Gary Hoey (mixed with other sound effects)
This Christmas Day Trans-Siberian Orchestra (edited for length)
Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 Trans-Siberian Orchestra

* brand new song




Copyright 2009 by Craig Newton. All rights reserved.