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2005 Display

This year's display was featured in the local newspaper, the News-Register, on December 27, 2005. Click here to read the article.

The display has once again been expanded with over 30% more lights than last year, including several new homemade items and a few bought items. 

As the display grows each year, the time required for the design, computerization, and setup increases dramatically. A minimum of 1-2 hours was spent each night since Labor Day working on the computerization, building new display items, and on setup.

New Items

The following items were made by us for the display this year:

Toy car for Train

More smoke puffs for Train

Flying Angels

Toy Soldier Guitar Man

The following items were bought and added to the display this year:

Green and Clear lights on the roof

More Strobe Lights

5 Foot Wreath

3-D Laying Deer



The music for this year's show was chosen based on the responses to last year's survey. This year includes four brand new songs along with two songs from previous years. The first song is a combination of two songs from "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

Title Artist

Two short selections from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"*

Vince Guaraldi (edited by Craig Newton)
Siberian Sleigh Ride* Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Feliz Navidad* Jose Feliciano
Sleigh Ride* Jeff Scheetz (edited for time)
Jingle Bells Pirates of the Mississippi
Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 Trans-Siberian Orchestra

* brand new song



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Video Clips

The drummers and guitar man at the end of "Sleigh Ride"


Guitar and drummers at the end of "Siberian Sleigh Ride"


The train in motion (no sound).


Angel flying (no sound).


Angel flying (no sound).




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