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2008 Display


The display has been expanded again this year with a couple of new animated characters. I have attempted to put some facial expressions into the new wire-frames which can be seen mainly on the snowman, but may not be evident unless you are up close. 

New Items

The following items were made by us for the display this year:

Animated toy soldier making snowballs

Animated toy soldier 

Animated snow-woman

Animated snowman 

The following additional items were added to the display this year:

More lights in some of the trees



I've been having trouble finding new music for the show each year. I always strive to get enough variation in the music selection that there will be at least one song that everyone can enjoy. This year, I have brought back several of the most requested songs from past year's shows and incorporated a new song for the snowball fight sequence.  

Title Artist

Reflections of Earth

Gavin Greenaway
Feliz Navidad Jose Feliciano
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Gary Hoey (edited for length)
Boughs of Holly* Trans-Siberian Orchestra (edited for length)
First Snow Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Boughs of Holly* Trans-Siberian Orchestra (edited for length)
A Fifth of Beethoven Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band
Santa Clause is Coming To Town Gary Hoey (mixed with other sound effects)
This Christmas Day Trans-Siberian Orchestra (edited for length)
Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 Trans-Siberian Orchestra

* brand new song




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