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2004 Display

We have once again expanded the display by adding several new items, more lights, and more computer control. We have also added a low-power FM transmitter, and the music can now be heard on 98.3 FM as well as from speakers in the yard.

New Items

The following items were added to the display this year and  most were built by us:


2 small spinning light trees

2 Drumming Toy Soldiers

Yard Grid

More lights on fence

More lights in trees


FM Transmitter


This year's show is made up of the following music:

Title Artist
Carol of the Bells David Foster
First Snow* Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Trepak: Russian Dance (Nutcracker) Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
A Fifth of Beethoven Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen Mannheim Steamroller
Jingle Bells Pirates of the Mississippi
Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24* Trans-Siberian Orchestra

* brand new song



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Video Clips

(Sorry, no sound.)

Drumming at the end of the grand finale.


Drumming to the drums in the music.


The train in motion.


Deer running across yard.


Spinning light tree in motion (284 KB).


Some lights in motion (535 KB).



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